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Lords of the darkness

Out in the distant cosmos the light rarely changes. It is intensely dark but always within a backdrop of far off pinpoints of colour, lights, dots, swirls and mists. It is lifeless and inanimate, a canvas spattered with random vibrant colours sprayed by a celestial artist.

At any point in time this is also a place of inaction and stillness. Nothing changes to a human eye or even over the span of a single person’s lifetime.

But change and movement are the forces driving the universe. Dynamic powers are the invisible engine room and the source of all creation.

It is the far future and mankind has finally invented a vehicle that can travel incredibly fast, so fast that it whispered out past the outer planets in a matter of earth days and is already plunging into this eerie nothingness that is the empty space between the stars.

On board is the all human crew wearing their carefully manufactured uniforms and with food and water supplies assured by entropic systems built into the craft. It is a work of art.

Generations of the most brilliant minds of earth engineered the colossal space vehicle, which was constructed as it lay in orbit high above the life giving blue green curves of earth.

Now the dream has been realised and mankind is on a mission unmatched in its relatively short history on the planet. Over the span of a hundred thousand years the one-time bipedal hominids had spread out across their own planet, writing the history of man’s rise in glorious phrases.

Yet they were in fact the worst pests the earth had ever produced. In this short span of time, in cosmic terms at least, mankind had infested every corner of his world, slaughtering his fellow life forms and depleting the world of every conceivable resource.

This grand and glittering ship was the pinnacle of achievement and a shrine to mankind’s personal opinion about his own greatness, a view that few other sentient beings on his planet would agree with. But nevertheless, man alone had engineered this wonderful ship and he was now afloat in the cosmos with the probability and expectation of reaching the closest stars in a matter of weeks, earth time.

But out here, the crew was no longer safe on its remote little world in the disused back yard of a vast and mysterious cosmic environment. This emptiness was their new world now, and they were lords of the darkness that surrounded them.

But out in the vast reaches of interstellar space, there was no emptiness, not really. There was only the raw material that had always been and always would be, but on a scale of time and space that lay beyond the view and understanding of mankind.

Out here the distribution of galaxies, dust, stars and gases is all far from random. It is far far from a celestial throw of the dice.

Everything has its purpose and everything has its place in the larger scheme of things. It just takes place on a scale and at a speed that humans cannot see or know about. But nevertheless, there is a greater purpose behind the mystifying alignment of galaxies and stars.

Dark energy beings, for few other words can describe them, are the architects and designers of the universe. They are the cosmic intellects who direct the course of life and time as they manage an infinitesimally huge garden, filled with propagated concepts, which they tend with care and attention to detail.

Each family of dark matter beings manage a grand master plan for everything, working inexorably to complete their part of the plan. Each family has its own part of a celestial garden to tend. Their tools are vastly powerful and their insights and knowledge far beyond anything earth has produced, or ever will.

But while their work is an outcome of deep thought and hundreds of millions of years on a cosmic size chessboard, they also think in the moment. This way they can capture a sense of the suddenness of changes in their own cosmic garden. They are vast and composed of pure energy, the result of a trillion years of evolution from a once small and distant star system from the incredibly remote past.

By gathering their intelligence and technology and harnessing the raw power that drives galaxies, they came to become the dominant life form.  The universe they now manage and grow has taken billions upon billions of years of planning. Just getting a large enough empty space in which to begin sowing the seeds of the cosmos, was an amazing feat. For almost everywhere in all of time and space has already been used up in some colossal real estate sell-off.

And now for the first time in all of their collective memory, a small life-filled craft had entered their domain and was clearly intent on the same quest they had begun so awfully long before in the far off past, a past none of them could remember.

But the dark energy had had much experience and had never acted without cause and deep thought. And it would be so now as the earth craft plunged through a small corner of a remote garden bed on the fringes of a galaxy known as the Milky Way.

Organic life was everywhere on worlds that swirl through the myriad galaxies and start systems which they had built and tended to. Biological life was unstoppable and unrelenting and filled in every corner of every galaxy. But as far as they collectively though, none of them had ever discovered the means to leave their home solar system. This was a first.
And so they watched with intense curiosity as the tiny ship of life plunged through the empty spaces between the stars.

Inside the craft was deep silence. The earth beings slept in specialised compartments designed to extend the period of their travel into the unknown. There was a dim light and a steady flicker of colour as the computers directed the growth of plants, recycled oxygen and water, cared for the sleeping humans and managed the engines.

“They are very clever to build this craft,” a message echoed through the dark energy family. “You have to admire what they have done. After all, they are still a very primitive life form.”

Others nodded understandingly, and wondered what to do about it all.

A great whispered conversation ensued between the stars and galaxies as great minds pondered this unexpected event. Finally, in a time that can’t be measured in human terms, agreement was reached.

The craft would be allowed to continue its brave foray into the galaxy world of the dark energy. No restraints would be placed on them.

But the gardener who tended the Milky Way would be admonished. He would lose his power of independent action and others would manage the gardens until he was rehabilitated.
The first order of business would be to prevent any more interference from the humans of earth.

Before long, an insignificant sun on the edges of the Milky Way glowed red and consumed all of the rocky worlds from the inner rings.

The garden pests had been exterminated.